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We often get asked to recommend tools and other SEM resources, and so here it is -- a listing of some of our favorite tools that we use and highly recommend to you.

Find Me Faster encourages you to download and try any of these tools yourself.
They will definitely save you lots of time and effort!


Website Statistics

We like the data Hitslink gives us. It tracks all visitors so we can quickly measure the effectiveness of our online and offline marketing initiatives. Hitslinks answers the questions such as:

  • "How many visitors are coming to our site?
  • "How did they find us?
  • "What pages did they look at?"


Net Applications
offers a
free 30 day trial of

Competitive Analysis and Ranking Reports
If you are still checking your site rankings manually, then you really need WebPosition. That alone will save you hours. But there's a heck of a lot more to it than that! Here's some of what it can do for you:
  • Track rankings on all major search engines
  • Benchmark your site against your competitors
  • Advice on what HTML edits you should make
  • Automated site submission


First Place Software
offers a free 30 day trial of
WebPosition software.

Keyword Research Tools

Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool is probably the most widely subscribed service for anyone doing serious SEO. We use it to:

  • Build keyword lists quickly
  • Find out how what words people really search on
  • Find overlooked keywords for our PPC campaigns

Rivergold Associates offers a
Free One-Day Trial of the WordTracker


Microsoft Adlabs Keyword Research Tools - Great Stuff!
Google Keyword Suggestion Tool - FREE
Miscellaneous Resources

Check to see if all your pages are being indexed by the search engines. You can check it manually:

Hotbot: Type * in search box; in Advanced Options.

Or visit Marketleap's site and user their search engine saturation tool.


Search Engine Saturation Tool

Link Popularity Checker
Books, Newsletters, Online Resources
Google AdWords: A Brave New World
Andrew Goodman, Page-Zero Media
Search Engine Land
Search Engine Watch Newsletter
High Rankings Advisor Newsletter
Jill Whalen

Search Engine Visibility
Shari Thurow

Clearly written and well-organized, Shari Thurow guides you through the most important aspects of search engine optimization. You willl learn how to optimize your web site to make it friendly for people and search engine spiders alike. Highly recommended source of common sense advice!

Search Engine Visibilty by Shari Thurow

Search Engine Visibility
from New Riders Publications
SEO Chat
An excellent collection of SEO topics for PPC and Organic search optimization
WebMaster World
Excellent source of peer-peer feedback for web and search engine issues.


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